About Us

Beat the heat with the hottest dishes at 4500 Miles to Delhi, one of liveliest Indian restaurants – oozing with class, from the décor to the superb cuisine to the fashionable clientele.

Classical Indian tradition is observed and only natural ingredients incorporating fresh herbs and spices will be used in the preparation of our dishes, in this way you experience Indian food as it was meant to be, free from all artificial additives, preservatives and food colouring.

All the flavours, colours and dazzle of Delhi is signified by one individual monument that stands proud on the outside walls of 4500, the tum tum vehicle – injecting some of the hustle and bustle of every day life in Delhi. An open ‘theatre’ kitchen ensures that the aromas and sounds of spicy cooking are never far away – clients waiting for meals can watch our own authentic chefs from Delhi as they work.

Not just another ‘up market’ Indian restaurant, quite literally 4500 Miles from Delhi, the restaurant offers diners an ingenious fusion of Asian herbs, spices, fresh meat and vegetables. Styled to suit the taste of the municipal connoisseurs, 4500 Miles from Delhi is the ideal spot from which to commence or complete the perfect evening. We have created a place that is relaxing and comfortable.

The name says it all about this restaurant’s location – 4500 Miles from Delhi. However, the food – fresh and invigorating with spices that sparkle is more like 4.5 Miles from Delhi!